Where Are You Headed?

photo credit: rei.com

photo credit: rei.com

Everyone wants to get somewhere  – in love, in life, at work. On the weekends, the cashier at my local grocery store tells me that soon he’ll be going back to school to build a better career. A close friend of mine talks about wanting to find a nice guy and creating a home (though not necessarily in that order). My dentist dreams of the day she can retire.  And ask just about anyone, and they’ll tell you they want to be successful and happy.

But what does that mean, exactly? What does happiness look and feel like? If you don’t know, then you’re not really sure where you’re headed. And if you’re not sure where you’re headed, how could you possibly plan a route to get there?

The bottom line is, you are responsible for your own success and happiness.  To manifest it, to really obtain what you want out of life, to recognize it when it comes your way, you have to be very clear about what “it” is.

For instance, saying you want to meet a great guy is admirable, but very vague. Elaborate on that by saying you’d like to meet a man who is loving and respectful, who shares your love of travel and isn’t married to his career, though, and suddenly you’re taking a more active role in seeking the kind of partner you want. Blindly wishing for a “better” job is optimistic but it probably won’t be as successful as really defining what that better job would look like. What do you see as your day-to-day duties? What kind of a salary do you want to make? Is that salary most important to you or is it more about the company culture and flexibility of the hours? Is your office located in a large city or do you want to work from home?

Successful and happy people share a common trait. They establish a very clear picture of what they want out of life. They may not get there overnight, and often have to be flexible along the way, but by establishing as many specific details about their goals as possible, they begin taking the steps needed to get there, one step at a time.

So how, exactly, do you stop waiting for life to happen to you and start attracting the things you want? Well, to start, you need to figure out what would truly bring you happiness. Then you need to record those thoughts in some way, and ask the Universe for it while you begin to work for it. Most importantly, you have to know yourself well and believe that the future you want is attainable.  Try writing a mission statement,  creating a vision board, or keeping a journal to explore, plan and set your goals. Whatever method you choose, remember two things:

1) Be as specific as possible when wishing  and planning for your future. Like a car ride, driving around aimlessly might reward you with scenic views, but the only way to get where you really want to go is to actually plug a destination into your GPS.

2) Be optimistic, open-hearted, and truly mindful when you compile your notes. After all, the Universe is listening to what you say and how you say it. In the law of attraction, like energy attracts like energy. Obsess about what you don’t want and you’ll attract more of the same. But feed your goals with positivity, optimism and gratitude, and you’ll start attracting the things that will make those goals possible.

Michelle Brunetti once said in her article, Why Clarity is the Key to Manifesting Happiness, that “The universe doesn’t have feelings or empathy for us.” The universe, she says, is like a canyon. “When you yell into it, it reverberates with the sound of your own voice.”

Make that voice loud, clear and passionate, and you’re bound to get a resonant reply.

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