Hiring a Decorative Painter

LisaMarie, Mural Detail

The thought of painting a room can cause fear in the hearts of some and absolute exhilaration in others. Whatever your reaction, if you are considering hiring a decorative painter to create a faux finish or mural in your home, choosing the right one will make the process a comfortable and enjoyable collaboration.

And that is, after all, what the process should be. An effective artist knows that any work of art, created specifically for the home, must reflect the personality and interests of its inhabitants. S/he also knows how to read the overall comfort level a client feels with the creative process. Does the artist you are considering take the time to view your surroundings and get to know what makes you… you? Does s/he listen to your ideas and vision for the room and coordinate them with his/her own expertise? When talking to the artist is there an attempt to show you several options or does s/he insist on one, “correct” approach to the project? When all is said and done, do you feel comfortable with the artist’s personality, reputation and demeanor?

Of course, I suggest viewing the artist’s portfolio to determine whether or not you like the overall style of the work, and asking for references to inquire about the individual’s reliability, honesty and overall commitment. In addition, the client should be aware that a decorative painter is, of course, an artist – but also a business person. It is customary for the artist to present a quote that provides for the time required to create samples or sketches, cost for the project, and how changes or additions will be handled should they arise. These steps are taken to ensure that the design process runs smoothly, and also to ensure that the client’s comfort level is considered. Having these steps in place, of course, allows everyone to pursue the most enjoyable part of the process…  designing the space.

Whether you’re envisioning a peaceful respite or a room that inspires a sense of adventure, if communication, respect, and open-mindedness are present between both client and painter, the creative process can flourish, transforming your room from a blank canvas into the stuff that dreams are made of.

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